As adults at RCC, we encourage each other to grow in our faith and become more Christ-like, to support each other, and to serve in our church and community. Christian fellowship is a precious gift from God.

Small Groups:  Small groups provide a setting to discuss scripture, build relationships, and encourage each other on our faith journey.  We encourage everyone to find a small group that fits their interests and needs.  Some groups are short lived – focused on a certain topic. Other groups meet regularly based on an agreed meeting time and content.  Contact the church office to learn more about small groups that you can join.

Christian Formation Classes: (September through May) We offer adult classes Sunday mornings during the Christian Formation Hour. The classes offer a variety of choices: a Bible study, a Christian book study, a sermon discussion group, or a support group. We also offer a class after Wednesday evening supper fellowship.

Women: Life Springs is a Tuesday morning Bible study (September – May) that welcomes women of all ages from our community.  The women also sponsor special events periodically.

Men: A group of RCC men meets twice a month on Saturday mornings for breakfast.

Seniors: New Horizons – folks with 50 or more years of life experiences, meet monthly (September – June) for fellowship and fun.

Prayer Groups: Prayer groups play an important role in the life of our church.  All of these groups meet in the church library:

  • Prayers for worship Sunday morning before worship
  • Wednesday noon prayer group
  • Centering prayer 4 p.m. Wednesdays

Dr. Ishaya Yarison directs our church choir. He brings a rich and diverse background of skills and experience to our rehearsals. He composes some of the music we sing. In addition to technical coaching, he emphasizes expression, to deliver the message of the music we sing. Choir practice becomes a time of worship, friendship, and joy, as we sing together. New choir members are always welcome.

Hundredfold:  Our worship band leads our congregation in singing contemporary songs of the faith.