Got Your Keys?

Isaiah 51:1-6 & Matthew 16:13-20 Isaiah 51:1-6 (RSV) Blessings in Store for God’s People 51 “Hearken to me, you who pursue deliverance, you who seek the Lord; look to the rock from which you were hewn, and to the quarry from which you were digged. 2 Look to Abraham your father and to Sarah who […]

Crumbs of Grace

Genesis 45:1-15 & Psalm 67 Genesis 45:1-15 (RSV) Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brothers 45 Then Joseph could not control himself before all those who stood by him; and he cried, “Make every one go out from me.” So no one stayed with him when Joseph made himself known to his brothers. 2 And he […]


1 Kings 19:9-18 & 1 Kings 19:9-18 (RSV) Elijah Meets God at Horeb 9 And there he came to a cave, and lodged there; and behold, the word of the Lord came to him, and he said to him, “What are you doing here, Eli′jah?” 10 He said, “I have been very jealous for the […]

Butting or Bringing

Psalm 145:8-21 & Isaiah 55:1-5 Psalm 145:8-21 (RSV) 8 The Lord is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. 9 The Lord is good to all, and his compassion is over all that he has made. 10 All thy works shall give thanks to thee, O Lord, and all thy saints […]

It’s Just Mustard

1 Kings 3:5-12 & Matthew 13:31-32, 44-52 1 Kings 3:5-12 (RSV) 5 At Gibeon the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream by night; and God said, “Ask what I shall give you.” 6 And Solomon said, “Thou hast shown great and steadfast love to thy servant David my father, because he walked before thee […]

On Target

Deuteronomy 6:5-9 & Mark 12:28-34 Deuteronomy 6:5-9 (RSV) 5 and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your might. 6 And these words which I command you this day shall be upon your heart; 7 and you shall teach them diligently to your […]

Rested Yet?

Scripture Readings Zechariah 9:9-12 & Matthew 11:28-30 Zechariah 9:9-12 (RSV) The Coming Ruler of God’s People 9 Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion! Shout aloud, O daughter of Jerusalem! Lo, your king comes to you; triumphant and victorious is he, humble and riding on an ass, on a colt the foal of an ass. 10 […]

Traveling Choices

Romans 6:1-14 & Matthew 10:24-39 Romans 6:1-14 (RSV) Dying and Rising with Christ 6 What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin that grace may abound? 2 By no means! How can we who died to sin still live in it? 3 Do you not know that all of us who have […]

What Do You See? Matthew 9:35-38

Exodus 19:2-8 & Romans 5:1-8 Exodus 19:2-8 (RSV) 2 And when they set out from Reph′idim and came into the wilderness of Sinai, they encamped in the wilderness; and there Israel encamped before the mountain. 3 And Moses went up to God, and the Lord called to him out of the mountain, saying, “Thus you […]

Disciple-making Today

2 Corinthians 13:11-13 & Matthew 28:16-20 2 Corinthians 13:11-13 (RSV) Final Greetings and Benediction 11 Finally, brethren, farewell. Mend your ways, heed my appeal, agree with one another, live in peace, and the God of love and peace will be with you. 12 Greet one another with a holy kiss. 13 All the saints greet […]