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Get Connected, Grow and Serve!


We hope our church can be a place where you feel at home and find a place to connect and serve with others.  We want to help you develop a Biblically-grounded faith rooted in a relationship with Jesus Christ, while also taking steps to be relationally-connected with others and find your part in God's mission to reconcile and restore a world broken by sin and conflict.  Our ministry staff and leaders would love to get to know you better, hear your story, and help you find the best place to help you and our community flourish.

So take a next step to make yourself at home at Rochester Covenant Church, grow in your faith, become part of an extended-family of Christ-followers, and live out God's calling for you in the world! 

Core Values We Share

Learn more about what we value

At Rochester Covenant Church, we value and practice several core values in our life together, including being:

  • Biblical, as we know and live out God’s Word;

  • Spiritual, as we pursue the new life in Christ and a growing love relationship with God;

  • Relational, as we pursue friendships and demonstrate Christ’s love to one another and in our world, and

  • Missional, as we seek to be and to communicate God’s Good News in the Rochester area, in our region, and around the world. 

Our History

Faithful to God's Mission

Rochester Covenant Church started in the late 1950s on the growing edge of Northwest Rochester with a passion to see a strong, loving, and Bible-based congregation that would help the hurting, reach those lost without Christ, build up families, and raise a new generation of Christ-followers--and a desire to have some of the distinctives of the broader Evangelical Covenant Church, including being:  

  • Evangelical, but not exclusive
  • Biblical, but not doctrinaire
  • Traditional, but not rigid
  • Congregational, but not independent

Since that time, Rochester Covenant Church has served, built up and sent out generations of believers to do life and ministry in the world, including moving from the original location on Elton Hills Drive to more acreage and larger facilities in NW Rochester on 31st Avenue NW (behind Wal-Mart and Rochester Mazda), and parenting two other Rochester-area congregations: Salem Road Covenant Church and New Day Covenant Church.  

Our hope for you

Welcome to the family!

We're confident that knowing and loving God, following Jesus Christ wholeheartedly, and pursuing Christ's priorities in the world are the ways to healing, joy-filled living, and community and global transformation.

As someone new to our extended church family, we hope to see you connected and thriving through Rochester Covenant Church. We want to invest in your life and love you just as much as we want you to invest in and love us.  With this in mind:   .

We want you to serve, as well as be served.

We want you to grow, as well as help others grow.

We want you to learn, as well as to teach.

We want you to be real, as well as honor other's realness. 

We want you to be prayed over, as well as pray for others.

We want you to be challenged, as well as challenge those around you.

Ultimately, we want you to learn about Jesus, while becoming more like Jesus. And we want to help!

Yes, please!

Best Places to Start

Beginning the Journey

As you look through the many options for learning, growing and serving through Rochester Covenant Church, here are a few "best places" to begin your journey with us: 

Sunday morning worship.  Here you will remember to give God thanks and praise for creating you and providing you with life's necessities. Gratitude is one of life's most transformative practices!  And along the way you'll meet people of all ages and walks of life who are glad to be with you, and to hear sound teaching from God's Word, the Bible, and to live out what you're learning in your everyday life--again, some of life's most transformative practices!

Alpha.  Twice a year we run the Alpha Course--a practical introduction to (or refresher of) the Christian faith in a safe and loving environment where you can be treated like the intelligent adult you are, even if you've missed some learning along the way.  Alpha's also a great place to make friends and feel like you belong. 

Other Sunday morning and Wednesday evening classes and groups.  We offer a balanced diet of Bible-based learning--either through specific Bible-book studies, video series, or discussion groups on the intersection of Christian faith with current issues and the challenges of everyday living.

Exploring Membership Class.  For those interested in officially becoming part of our congregation, we offer an extended-evening session twice a year where you can learn more about the beliefs, mission, story and values of Rochester Covenant Churches and the larger worldwide movement of Evangelical Covenant Churches to which we belong.  This is a required first step for those desiring membership at our church.  You'll find dates and more information on this class in our "Events" section and in our weekly church e-newsletter.    


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